What? You thought Mariah Carey spent less than $46k a year on spa treatments for her dogs?

Inspired by Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's impending divorce—R.I.P.— Us Weekly published a piece this week about a bunch of stuff Mariah Carey allegedly does.

Among the claims, it states Carey lets her children stay up late and eat cookies, drinks champagne 'til dawn, and sleeps until 4PM. Hmm. Sounds fun! Another fun claim: Carey spends a crazy amount of money on spa treatments for her legitimately insane amount of Jack Russell terriers. (Via Celebitchy):

[Nick Cannon] tries to bring in a lot of money because Mariah is such a financial drain. She apparently spends $46,000 a year on spa treatments… for her dogs. She has EIGHT Jack Russell terriers, including "Squeak E. Beans, the Good Reverend Pow Jackson and Mutley P. Gore Jackson III." Mariah also spends crazy money on her permanent "glam squad."

God, what I wouldn't give to be one of those dogs! What a life! From what I can tell, here are the pros of being one of Mariah Carey's dogs:

  • Unlimited access to spa treatments.
  • Probably fed good dog food.
  • Literally you don't have to do anything.
  • Lots of friends!
  • Good name.
  • Fun dog mom.

And here are the cons:

  • None.

So, I guess I don't see the problem. Is the problem that Nick Cannon was upset he was born a human rather than a Jack Russell terrier? If so, he should get in line!

[image via Getty]