The photo above shows Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry sitting quite close to each other at the Met Ball last night. Did you know they have all been feuding for years? Probably not, but don’t worry—they’ve now decided they need each other.

Madonna posted the photo on Instagram first, captioning it, “Girls night out.......... Kissing the Ring........Finally! #metball.” A nod to the immortality ritual the three would perform later, no doubt.

Katy Perry also posted the photo. Her caption reads, “[fire emoji] dropping our single tomorrow [fire emoji] #stolethispicfromM #MONSTERCATREBELHEARTS.” This is likely an allusion to the fact that none of the trio’s recent albums have sold very much at all.

As for what these gals were fighting about in the first place? Us Weekly explains:

Madonna and Gaga have had a famously frosty relationship ever since the “Papa Don’t Preach” singer branded Gaga’s hit “Born This Way” a “reductive” rip-off of her own song “Express Yourself.”

Gaga and Perry have likewise been caught up in multiple possible feud situations. While both have publicly denied any actual ill feelings, Twitter messages (such as the one Gaga posted seemingly calling Perry out for copying her green hair and in-concert horse riding in May last year) have suggested otherwise.

Multiple possible feud situations put to rest! I’m going to feel better just saying that to myself all day.

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