Hotshot young production/distribution company A24 has been making waves in a little over a year for breaking down the barrier between indie films and multiplexes. They're the team behind critical darlings like Spring Breakers, The Bling Ring, Ginger and Rosa, and The Spectacular Now. But even better than their films? Their genius social media strategy for A24 itself.

When not using Twitter to throw shade at the stupid Kiki D. emails for Miranda July's e-mail project, A24 is tweeting witticisms that will have unfollowing the rest of your marginally funny friends to make room for theirs. (They tweet about their own movies in the smallest of spam-free doses, which is another endearing trait.)

They're also on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and yes, even Snapchat. Tumblr is just a collection of vintage stills, Pinterest is more vintage photos (including a particularly exceptional one of a young Sarah Jessica Parker). All are updated just frequently enough to remind you how fun they are, and infrequently enough that you don't get A24 overload. Plus, like their Twitter, the remainder of their social media is mainly for jokes, photos, and the occasional movie plug.

When asked who was running their social media so that I could properly declare my love, I was told that for now A24 is keeping that name a mystery. All right mystery staffer, I love you, thanks for making my week, and also please follow me @beejoli.

[Art by Sam Woolley / Image via A24's Instagram]