Last week, In Touch Weekly revealed a partial list of Hollywood men who have, perhaps, performed sexually with Lindsay Lohan. According to the magazine, Lohan was at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2013, wrote the list of conquests to "impress her friends," and then "tossed it aside." Oops!

Who's been added to the Scattergories answer sheet this week? Orlando Bloom (gross), Ryan Phillippe (gross), Benicio Del Toro (gross) and Ashton Kutcher (gross). Also new are Stavros Niarchos (who is known for being rich and also for doing it with an Olsen twin and a Hilton), hockey player Aaron Voros, and model Petey Wright.

There are six names that remain blurred. We've reached out to In Touch for more information on those names, but we've heard nothing back. I suppose it's more fun to spend the next week guessing who they are anyway.

[Image via AP]