Busy, besieged by disease Lindsay Lohan is in a mad rush to complete 240 hours of community service this week or be thrown back in the slammer. Good news: She managed to finish 80 hours in just nine days! But as with all things Lohan, not all is as it would appear.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is trying to pass off meet and greets with her fans in London—where she's performing in Speed-the-Plow—as community service.

And while it is nice of Lindsay to take time out of her hectic schedule of going on vacation and not doing her court-mandated community service to greet both of her fans, her time spent speaking to and acknowledging other human beings is not considered "volunteering" in the eyes of the court.

The London court, TMZ reports, has now demanded an investigation of how Lindsay completed her community service hours, ordered by a California court following a 2012 reckless driving charge.

Keep up with the creative ideas, Lindsay—it would be really embarrassing for Chris Brown to walk free and not you.

[Image via AP]