Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and founding member of the Pussy Posse, is currently visiting New York City—as we know. According to reports, he and his mother spent Mother’s Day having tea at the Palm Court at the Plaza, which is very sweet. The Pussy Posse came, too, which is very sweet.

Page Six reports DiCaprio was spotted having a deluxe tea at the Plaza on Sunday “with four male mates in tow,” including Pussy Posse member Ethan Suplee. (DiCaprio, or a DiCaprio-looking man, recently vacationed in Vegas with Suplee and other Pussy Posse members, if you remember.)

Sadly, the other members of his four-male Mother’s Day celebration committee were not named. If I had to guess: Lukas Haas, Tobey Maguire, and Kevin Connolly. This is simply an educated guess from a Pussy Posse expert, however.

But the story isn’t so cut-and-dry: the “four male mates” idea is contested by a source close to DiCaprio, who told Page Six that he invited only one male mate to tea: Ethan Suplee. Huh.

Why would Leonardo DiCaprio bring Ethan Suplee to Mother’s Day tea at the Plaza? Who were the three male mates the Page Six spy spotted ordering “various teas and tiered trays of tiny sandwiches and pastries,” and did they even exist at all? Is momma proud of her sweet little boy, now all grown up into a successful big man, albeit with a poorly chosen style at the moment?

Just another Pussy Posse mystery, I suppose.

Image of Leo and his sweet mom at the 2014 Oscars via Getty. Contact the author at kelly.conaboy@gawker.com.