Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and founding member of the pussy posse, has been holding at a steady 50 percent model for the past few weeks, largely due to his rumored involvement with MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM Rihanna™ model Rihanna. His luck took a turn at a model-filled magazine party this weekend—but was it a turn for the better? Let's see.

Page Six reports DiCaprio was seen at a party for Treats! magazine in Bel Air, celebrating model Lydia Hearst's cover profile and nude photo shoot. A Page Six spy reports "a group of 'leggy models quickly ran over to greet' DiCaprio when he arrived." Ah, yes, the model stampede: Leonardo DiCaprio's traditional room entrance ritual.

It's a pity, of course, that the Page Six spy couldn't give us a more accurate report of the number of models included in this group of leggy models—perhaps it was a number much larger than one would expect, like 1300. Perhaps it was a number much smaller, something like two. The spy did give us a rather accurate report, however, of other celebrities (some of whom should be flattered by the use of this word) seen at the event:

Hollywood scions Scott Eastwood and Dylan Penn circulated with Kevin Hart, Ryan Seacrest and agent David Todd. ... Michelle Rodriguez and Randy Jackson were also spotted at the party hosted by OMNIA and Absolut Elyx, along with Hearst's Nerdist boyfriend, Chris Hardwick.

A brief poll of the Gawker staff concluded that a fair guess at the number of models in this group of leggy models would be six (6). So to recap, that brings us:

  1. Model
  2. Model
  3. Model
  4. Model
  5. Model
  6. Model
  7. Scott Eastwood (model)
  8. Dylan Penn (model)
  9. Lydia Hearst (model)
  10. Michelle Rodriguez (appeared as herself in an episode of Germany's Next Top Model)

And on the other side:

  1. Kevin Hart
  2. Randy Jackson
  3. Ryan Seacrest
  4. David Todd
  5. Chris Hardwick
  6. Leonardo DiCaprio

Wonderful news for Leonardo DiCaprio: he has rebounded to a rather robust 62.5% model.

Congratulations to our boy. You are doing it, Leonardo DiCaprio—climbing back to where you belong, your model percentage getting stronger by the day.


Do not fail us, Leonardo.

[image via AP]