According to IMDB, Leonardo DiCaprio’s last film role was in The Wolf of Wall Street, a movie that existed solely to reignite a national interest in Countaches and Quaaludes. It’s been two long years since DiCaprio was seen hard at work at his greatest artform—the theater of the screen—and finally, he’s been found in a new trailer for his upcoming film, The Revenant. FINALLY!!! Welcome back, buddy.

The film, directed by Birdman director Alejandro G. Iñárritu, tells the story of Leonardo Dicaprio dressed up in bear skin as he hunts men in the wild. The most dangerous game. Just kidding—he plays Hugh Glass, an eighteenth century fur trapper and frontiersman who, as you can hear him say, “ain’t afraid to die anymore.” Looks intense.

One question we have: why is Leo still sporting the beard even though this movie is clearly done being filmed? Anyone got any ideas?

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