Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and founding father of the Pussy Posse, is making the most of his late spring. The big horny fun man reportedly partied with hot sex friend Kelly Rohrbach this weekend in the Hamptons, and boy was his rental home nice.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been bumming around the New York metropolitan area for a bit now, which might make you wonder: “What about the LA club 1Oak? Leonardo DiCaprio must be spending a significantly larger amount of time meditating in order to feel grounded, being so far away from his home: LA club 1Oak.”

You’re right, I bet. However, PageSix reports DiCaprio brought a little bit of LA club 1Oak to him this weekend, scooping up club owner Richie Akiva and bringing him along for the Kelly Rohrbach sex trip:

The duo, spotted getting close at LA club 1Oak back in April, took a seaplane out east with a group of friends including the club’s owner, Richie Akiva.

The group stayed for one night in a six-bedroom $5,000 rental home, of which you can see photos here. It looks very nice. Would I stay there for a night with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kelly Rohrbach, Richie Akiva, and a handful of other models? Yes, I would. Oh—but what about those other models? Certainly there were some; according to a PageSix onlooker, the whole group of them went to dinner together:

“There were two blondes and one brunette next to him,” said an onlooker.

One must assume Kelly Rohrbach is one of the “blondes” in the onlooker’s description of this scene, no offense to Kelly Rohrbach. (I know you, Kelly Rohrbach, are the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition’s “Rookie of the Year” and that you are a 2012 Georgetown graduate and that you have the most beautiful name with which a young woman could be blessed, but not everyone does.) (No offense!) (I already said no offense, Kelly Rohrbach, calm down.) So, in that case we can say this trip was almost certainly:

60% Model

A healthy percentage.

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