Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and founding member of the Pussy Posse, is facing a difficult time.

You might remember that just last week DiCaprio threw a New Years bash in St. Barts consisting of a lowly 72.7 percent model—a steep decline from his 40th birthday party (80 percent model).

Today, new reports have surfaced that the Pussy Posse member recently dined at Stephen Starr's Makoto restaurant in Miami with Pussy Posse member Lukas Haas. That's right—with only Pussy Posse member Lukas Haas. From Page Six:

The A-list lothario, who was photographed on the beach with a dozen hot women over New Year's in St. Barts, was spotted "coughing, sneezing, bundled up and wearing a hoodie" during dinner with Lukas Haas at Stephen Starr's Makoto at Miami's Bal Harbour Shops.

Coughing, sneezing, wearing a hoodie. 0% model.

Our best wishes to Leonardo DiCaprio during this difficult time.

[image via Splash]