Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and founding member of the Pussy Posse, has looked like a dude you’d see walking around Brooklyn for some time now. (Hat, beard, shoes that you are supposed to notice but that are objectively bad looking.) On Saturday, a tipster tells us, he truly was a dude walking around the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn—with a model, of course.

“He was walking down bedford, walking south on the west side of the street,” says our spy, adding, “I passed him at about North 4th, I’d say.” Hmm, North 4th—interesting. Leo was reportedly wearing the same disgusting driving cap he always wears, along with a pair of sunglasses. The “tall and blonde” (story checks out) model wore sunglasses, as well.

“She was very beautiful,” adds the tipster, hornily.

“But how do we know it was really Leonardo DiCaprio?” you’re wondering. Well, jerk, Leo was spotted in Nolita on Wednesday afternoon, and then at an NYC nightclub on Friday night. Is that good enough for you? No?

Well, damn, look at this:

When asked if DiCaprio could have been headed to Smorgasburg when he was spotted, our tipster said: “He was totally headed in the direction of Smorgasburg when I saw him.”

Well, look at that.

“No photo evidence?” you’re wondering. Jesus christ—I mean, not for lack of trying. From our spy:

I pulled a phone out and [the model] just sort of put her arm around him and gently turned him toward her ... and I was too shy to stick my phone right in his face.”

Good. You do not need to stick your cell phone in Leonardo DiCaprio’s face, you sweet, wonderful tipster. Especially since we have the technology to mock up what this event may have looked like, based on a photo taken of Leonardo DiCaprio in Nolita early in the week.

The original photo:

What it must have looked like on Saturday afternoon when the model (not this model specifically) shielded Leonardo DiCaprio from our tipster’s cell phone:

Well, there you have it.

50% model.

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