If Leonardo DiCaprio gave you $50,000, you would love it. Anyone would. And for one lucky man (Adrian Grenier from Entourage and the Park Slope food co-op) that dream is a reality.

"What's the scoop?" you're wondering. OK, here's the scoop: Wealthy celebrity Grenier wanted to make a whale movie, but not badly enough to pay for it himself, even though he has millions of dollars, so he made a Kickstarter with the hope that you would pay for it instead. Multiple non-celebrities gave him their hard-earned money ($278,000 worth of it), but not enough to make the whale movie. Damn. Is hope lost?


From Deadline:

With less than 20 hours to go, Adrian Grenier and Joshua Zeman have fulfilled their fundraising goal on Kickstarter to finance the documentary 52: The Search For The Loneliest Whale — thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio who plunked down $50,000 to help the team out.

(The whale is lonely because it communicates at a frequency of 52 hertz, which no other whale can understand, and it has lived its entire life alone, crying out to no one. A very sad story for this whale.)

OK, well, that's the scoop. Thank you for helping the team out, Leonardo DiCaprio. Don't do Kickstarters, celebrities.

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