Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and founding member of the Pussy Posse, reportedly broke into song while dining recently at Harlem’s famous Rao’s restaurant. Surrounding him? Not models, if you’re wondering. Yes, you read me right I said: NOT models. (Except for one model, Kelly Rohrbach.)

Page Six reports DiCaprio and girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach (beautiful first name) were spotted dining with a bunch of dudes: former NYPD detective Bo Dietl; Richie Akiva, Leonardo DiCaprio’s best friend apparently and owner of his home-away-from-home 1Oak nightclub; Charles Payne from Fox News; and 70-year-old “millionaire space tourist” Greg Olsen. Huh.

They sang, also:

Sources said once the drinks started flowing, DiCaprio suggested a sing along, and, accompanied by a performer on the piano, diners at the restaurant all joined in.

Though it is easy to assume the song was Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” Page Six does not, unfortunately, go into detail. This lack of information combined with Leonardo DiCaprio’s startling drop to a mere 16% model makes this surprisingly disappointing for a story about a DiCaprio-led restaurant-wide sing-along.

If you were in attendance at Rao’s during Leonardo DiCaprio’s sing-along and have any information regarding which song was sung, please contact me at kelly.conaboy@gawker.com.

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