Let's see if this makes it into the third season of Girls: according to a tipster, Lena Dunham was at the Brooklyn Heights cafe Siggy's Good Food on Sunday, where she fed her dog Lamby, pictured above, a plate of restaurant-prepared salmon and salad. The salad, per our tipster, was dressed.

The tipster writes:

I was eating dinner [on Sunday night] in DUMBO at an outdoor cafe. Next to me was Lena Dunham and her boyfriend from FUN and their dog. Lena orders a salmon fillet and when the waiter brings it she places it on the ground for the dog! Side salad and all. The dog is sitting there chowing down on this lovely fillet eats the side salad and I could't help but think: now that is some straight Paris Hilton shit there.

When I asked whether the dog was eating plain greens or a salad with some sort of dressing on it, the tipster replied:

Yes, there was a light vinaigrette and the pup totally ate the side salad. Say what you want but at least the pup got his vegetables.

A Siggy's employee who answered the phone this afternoon could not confirm if Dunham fed her dog a salmon filet (menu price: $22) on Sunday night, but Dunham is a frequent customer—she, for instance, did an interview with Salon at Siggy's late last year. In another interview, she called it her favorite restaurant in New York.

The Siggy's employee was also unable to confirm whether their salad dressings are safe for canine consumption.

[image via Instagram]