This weekend’s major film release is Cameron Crowe’s Hawaiian wet dream Aloha, starring Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Bill Murray, plus Caucasian, Arizona-born Emma Stone as a part-native Hawaiian named Allison Ng. Aloha currently has a very bad 14% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is not a surprise considering the film’s financiers openly lamented how painful and shitty the movie is.

Among the gossip leaked from Sony in December was the plight of Aloha, which was then untitled but had carried the name Deep Tiki in a previous life. Bringing the film to life was so torturous that then-Sony Pictures Entertainment head Amy Pascal vowed it would be her last time ever starting a movie in which “the script was ridiculous” and “we al [sic] know it.” You can read the rest of the saga below, and/or watch the first 8 minutes of Aloha, which were put on YouTube by Sony for reasons that I guess made sense to someone somewhere.