Three Men and a Baby star Tom Selleck has been stealing thousands of gallons of water for years and hauling it to his 60-acre California ranch, according to a lawsuit filed Monday by a Ventura County water district.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the alleged theft repeatedly took place at the same Thousand Oaks, Ca. hydrant, where a white truck would fill up and haul water to Selleck’s Westlake Village ranch, which is in a different water district and includes an avocado farm.

The Calleguas Municipal Water District reportedly spent $22,000 documenting Selleck’s alleged water thieving, which the district says has happened at least a dozen times since 2013. From the Times:

Before filing the complaint, the water district tried to get Selleck to halt the unlawful water deliveries. In November 2013, Calleguas sent cease-and-desist letters to both Selleck’s home and an Avenue of the Stars address that’s linked to the property, according to court papers.

As recently as March 2015, the water truck was spotted filling up at the same hydrant and delivering water to Selleck’s estate on four separate days, according to the complaint.

California is, of course, in the midst of a historic drought and residents have been required to cut water use by 25%.

The lawsuit seeks a preliminary and permanent injunction barring Selleck and his employees from using the district’s water as well as reimbursement for legal and investigative costs.

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