In the third wacky season of The Eric Andre Show (a perfect show that I will love forever), crazyboy host Eric Andre interviewed Lauren “?” Conrad, who appeared both bored and uncomfortable with his off-kilter style. In an interview today with Hopes&Fears, producer Joshua Cohen revealed that Conrad was very mad about the taping—so mad she wanted to blacklist Eric Andre from getting any more guests.

For fans of Eric Andre and all that he does, the H&F interview is great and worth a full read. Cohen shares the background behind some of the most expensive, painful, and cringeworthy moments on the off-kilter variety show, like the fact that Jimmy Kimmel’s son works as a PA for them. Who knew?

The best moment in the conversation comes when Cohen talks about the Conrad interview, one of the best (and most uncomfortable) from the third season:

H&F: Who do you think the most revolted guest has been, thus far?

JC: I would say Lauren Conrad was the most revolted. She walked off the set. I had to go and talk to her publicist and I said to Lauren, “Come back to set, take what you have now, all this anger and how you feel about this and bring it back to the set.”

Afterwards me and Eric apologized to her and her team profusely. She had a whole fucking crew in there, all these fucking ding dongs, giving us dirty eyes, dirty looks, stink eyes. Then after we went in there and we apologized and we were like, “Oh, that was amazing. This is the kind of stuff we’re trying to do. We’re sorry to make you sick.” Her team and her just stormed out of there. We got a call from her agent and her publicist and they are like, “You guys are going to be blacklisted. No one’s going to fucking do your show.”

That is exactly what you’d expect from Lauren Conrad and her handlers, bien sur, and it didn’t even work. Conrad had already signed paperwork with Adult Swim so her interview couldn’t be scrapped, and her publicist’s agency went on to book Jimmy Kimmel soon after. Nice try, L.C.

In tribute to Conrad’s blacklisting attempt, why not watch her interview with Andre—after reading the rest of Cohen’s interview—in its awkward entirety here? You’ll love it:

“You listen to Waka Flocka at all?”

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