Are you reading this while you're at work? You might want to put that letter opener back in your coffee-stained pencil cup before you read on.

Lady Gaga made $80 million last year. Oh and she's only 27.

The math wizards at Forbes are continuing to release those fun little lists that make us all want to slash our wrists, and hot on the heels of RDJ earning $75 million is their new "Top Earning Celebrities Under 30" tally. While you were busy reheating Lean Cuisines and debating whether taking the GMAT would be difficult half a decade after college, everyone's favorite Mother Monster just made anything you accomplish throughout the rest of your life look sad and pathetic.

So what could Lady Gaga buy with $80 million? Some options:

1. 8 million ribeye steaks for her next meat dress.

2. 400,000 wagyu beef steaks for her next meat dress. (She has $80 mil! She's not comparing the cost of ribeyes at Ralphs!)

3. 150,000 human skeletons. She's gotta get those facial bones somewhere.

4. Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Seriously. Gaga is so rich that even though they round out the seventh through tenth spots on Forbes' list, SHE CAN PURCHASE THEM, MAKE THEM PUT ON LITTLE MUSICALS FOR HER, AND STILL HAVE MILLIONS LEFTOVER.

The remainder of the list contains mostly of musicians (Taylor Swift is in third, Calvin Harris fourth, Rihanna and Katy Perry are in fifth and sixth) and "musicians" (Justin Bieber in second).

[Image via AP]