In a most non-non-non odious move, Keanu Reeves waited outside in a totally incommodious drencher for 20 minutes before being allowed entrance into the Daughter of God wrap party. Yeah, dude—the very same celebration at which he most excellently found a stranger's credit card.

Page Six has the stellar tale, this time from Keanu's excellent chauffeur, Ronny Sunshine:

"Keanu was really patiently waiting," the driver told us. "I don't think he said anything to the bouncer, like, 'I'm Keanu.' No one recognized him."

Sunshine added: "Keanu looks very ordinary. It was raining, but he just waited for his two friends to come. He didn't act like he had money. I just thought he was a rock 'n' roller."

The owner of the most resplendent club at which the soirée took place spoke to the gossip dudes as well, saying, "I didn't know he was kept waiting, and he didn't say anything to me." He added, non-heinously, "He's a very relaxed person."

A totally outstanding example of a supremely stellar dude, emphasizing once again that most harmonious phrase: Be excellent to each other.

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