Katy Perry combated the rumor that she's a member of the Illuminati—a rumor that stems from her "Dark Horse" music video and Grammy performance—in a recent Rolling Stone interview. She claims that, far from being a member herself, she doesn't know what it is and would like to be invited!

"Listen, if the Illuminati exist, I would like to be invited! I see all that shit, and I'm like, 'Come on, let me in! I want to be in the club!' I have no idea what it is. It sounds crazy.

Hmmm. "I have no idea what it is. It sounds crazy." Is that something someone who wants to be in the Illuminati would say, or something someone who wants you to think that they're not in the Illuminati would say? Or is it something someone who wants you to think, "hmm, she's denying that she is in the Illuminati, so she must be in the Illuminati" would say, like when Kim Kardashian says it?

Katy Perry continues:

"Weird people on the Internet that have nothing to do find, like, strange triangles in your hand motions. I guess you've kind of made it when they think you're in the Illuminati. But listen, I believe in aliens, so if people want to believe in Illuminati, great."

Uh, it sounds like they do have something to do, Katy Perry: lift the veil of lies that rests over the face of everyone who hasn't accepted the truth about the Illuminati and the ways its members show off their membership all the time, hiding in plain sight while the demonic forces of the universe plan their next move.

So. Katy Perry: Illuminati member or merely Illuminati hopeful?

I guess we'll all find out soon enough!

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