Nick Jonas, Jonas Brother, and Kate Hudson, not a groupie but a band aid, have been spotted hanging out together multiple times over the last few weeks—at brunch, at clubs, even at Disneyland. Are they also having sex at or near those places?

TMZ says yes. Kate Hudson, 36, says, “...See ya later.”

When reporters asked her about her alleged romance with Nick, 23, at an event for a ladies face cream this week, she replied:

Oh god, yeah, oh yeah...see ya later.

Last night, however, the two were spotted again together at New York’s Up and Down nightclub. Kate wore a trendy outfit:

Despite her apparent effort to look good for clubbing with Nick Jonas, an “insider” tells the Daily Mail that Kate is not interested in a serious relationship: “This is just a fun hookup for her. It’s not like she’s in love.”

As I always tell the girls, if you never take it seriously, you never get hurt, and ya know, see ya later.

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