A tiny, precious Yorkshire terrier puppy, through no fault of her own, finds herself dependent on late-stage puberty sufferer Justin Bieber and/or members of his family and entourage for her care and continued survival. Good luck and godspeed, Esther the puppy. Other pets in this position haven't fared all that well.

There was Mally, the capuchin monkey Bieber abandoned at the Munich airport and never saw again—although he reunited with a Mally stand-in on MTV as part of an effort to clean up his image. Good news, though, little Esther: Mally's now doing okay at a German wildlife park. He only lived with Justin for about a week.

But also, there was Karma, the American bulldog. Bieber left this pet with his dad, Jeremy, the Ghost of Christmas Future whose life presents a dire, if unheeded, warning about who Justin could one day become.

Karma bit Justin's little brother, Jaxon—humans sure have some undignified names, don't they, Esther?—and Jeremy threw Karma off a second-story balcony into the snow. That's what Karma's trainer, Trevor, says anyway. He's now taking care of the dog because the Biebers apparently couldn't handle the responsibility.

You should probably watch out for Justin's dad. He seems mean.

For a couple of months in 2013, Bieber also had a hamster named Pac. He got Pac in October, and gave him away to a fan at a show in December. Pac died shortly afterward—and the California Hamster Association thinks it was probably because of "sudden environmental change."

"The moment that hamster was handed off to a screaming girl in a harsh, frenzied environment was likely the moment it gazed at the short path to its doom," they said.

Not trying to freak you out or whatever, Esther, but Bieber's crazy life of egging houses, racing fast cars, and hotboxing planes does not seem like it has much room in it to care for a pet. Although he's trying very hard to present himself as a responsible adult these days, it seems likely you'll eventually end up living with someone else.

And, if you're lucky, it'll be Justin's grandparents. They took care of his first shelter dog, Sammy the papillon, when he first started touring back in 2010. Sammy passed away last year, and it seems like he had a happy life.

Good luck, Esther. You'll probably be okay, I guess?

[h/t Gossip Cop, Photo: Justin Bieber/Instagram]