After unretouched images from Justin Bieber's now-infamous Calvin Klein ads leaked online earlier this year, JB went into full crisis mode, calling on his personal trainer to attest to the claim that his muscles, and also his penis, are real, and real big. What next, other than a shirtless shot for the cover of Men's Health?

A tipster sent us the above image of the leaked cover for Men's Health, which first surfaced on Twitter. A spokesperson for Men's Health confirmed that the cover is real, and that it will be on newsstands March 10th, cover lines added.

Our tipster claims the cover image was photoshopped, but "Bieber's team and the top editors at MH will insist that no Photoshopping was involved in the making of the cover." When asked whether or not Men's Health digitally enhanced Justin's glistening form, the spokesperson responded, "I would say it is not photoshopped." (She followed up with an email: "[Y]ou asked was the cover photoshopped...'No, he looks amazing.'" He looks like...a nightmare John Ritter, maybe?) She added that the magazine will be releasing behind-the-scenes video footage of the shoot later today.

The only thing we know for sure: his nipples look super weird on the cover. Like little seat cushion buttons!

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