Justin Bieber may be your favorite skater—next to Bucky Lasek—but he is not your favorite private jet owner. (The title reverts to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, so congrats to them.)

Last week, Bieber posted a photo on Instagram boasting about either buying for himself or receiving from someone else a private jet for Christmas, writing, "New jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful." But did he really new jet for Christmas, and she's beautiful? TMZ got to the bottom of it and, luckily, put it in words we can understand:

TMZ has learned the jet Bieber posed on is a G4 — which is for sale — but was not purchased by JB. Sources with direct knowledge of the aircraft tell us Justin merely chartered it for a Christmas flight from Canada to NYC. In other words ... just a really expensive Uber.

That fucking liar.

[image via Getty]