A few months after Josh Duggar, the eldest of the 19 Kids and Counting, publicly admitted to molesting his younger sisters as a teen, his younger brother, Josiah, 18, has officially broken off his courtship with 17-year-old Marjorie Jackson. They’d been dating, with an eye toward marriage, since April, People reports.

Ladies, I think you know what this means: If you want to marry into the creepy breeding machine/terrifying cult that Jim Bob Duggar calls “family,” now’s your chance.

The official reason for Josiah and Marjorie’s breakup is that it was “God’s will” (it’s always God’s will), but the timing is quite convenient.

This is all wild speculation, but consider the following: they’d been together a little more than a month when Josh’s molestation scandal broke and the Duggar name became radioactive to everyone but Mike Huckabee. If they had ended the courtship then, the reason would’ve been obvious. But three months later, after TLC has canceled the Duggars’ show and they’ve almost entirely dropped out of the news cycle, they can plausibly deny that the girl bailed because no one wants to be a Duggar.

Or maybe two kids just decided they weren’t right for each other and didn’t want to get married. Could be either, really.

Here’s a video from the beginning of the courtship, where Marjorie seems genuinely excited and Josh—not yet outed for fondling his younger siblings—gives Josiah some advice on dating or courting or whatever:

[Screengrab: TLC]