Hollywood is full of liars. They'll tell you "let's do lunch" when they don't want to do lunch. They'll tell you "I love your idea" when they think your idea is not good. They'll tell you you're not beautiful enough when you are beautiful inside and out. But perhaps the biggest liar in Hollywood is: Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp. You may know him from such films as: Chocolat. However, his Chocolat costar Juliette Binoche revealed in a startling interview with The Hollywood Reporter recently that Johnny Depp didn't even like chocolate when he made that movie:

To tell you the truth, the shop was all fake chocolate. Because of all the lights, chocolate wouldn't have been able to stand up with that heat. But of course we did have to eat some. I discovered that Johnny Depp actually didn't like chocolate. He was spitting it out after each take, and Alfred Molina didn't like chocolate that much, either. It was a funny experience dealing with them and the faces they would make.


Johnny Depp also starred in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I'll have you know.

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