While promoting his new film The Departed 2: Black Mass at a press conference on Friday, Johnny Depp, who is not well, joked (?) about his recent canine controversy: “I killed my dogs and ate them under direct orders from some kind of, I don’t know, sweaty, big-gutted man from Australia.”

Depp got into trouble with the Australian government earlier this year when he illegally smuggled his two Yorkshire terriers into the country, where he was filming the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. According to Australian law, the dogs ought to have been quarantined.

“If we start letting movie stars — even though they’ve been the sexiest man alive twice — to come into our nation (with pets), then why don’t we just break the laws for everybody?” Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce said in May, according to the New York Daily News.

Joyce threatened to have the dogs, Pistol and Boo, euthanized. “It’s time that Pistol and Boo buggered off back to the United States.”

The actor’s fall guy, Amber Heard, faces up to 10 years in Australian prison. She received a summons to appear in Queensland court this month, the Daily News reports.

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