John Stamos, famous for playing an allegedly cool dude who lived in his brother-in-law’s attic, was arrested back in June for driving under the influence; his silver Benz was spotted swerving dangerously through Beverly Hills. Now TMZ reports what he was allegedly under the influence of: GHB, a sedative perhaps best known as a date rape drug.

No one is alleging that Stamos used it that way, though. It’s also sometimes employed by bodybuilders as a muscle-builder and sleep aid, and “Stamos sources” told TMZ that the actor was trying to “lean out body mass” in advance of the filming for Fuller House.

District attorneys still plan to charge Stamos, who also had another, unspecified non-narcotic drug in his system when he was arrested, with DUI. In the meantime, he’s completed 30 days of rehab, and his shows, Fuller House and Grandfathered, have gone on.

Hey, remember that time two people tried to extort John Stamos with a sketchy story claiming he gave oral sex to an underage girl while on cocaine delivered by strippers? No? Well, anyway, they went to prison.

John Stamos has led a full and interesting life.

[h/t Gossip Cop, Photo: Getty Images]