Joe Millionaire was a reality show that was popular one hundred years ago, in 2003. It was like The Bachelor, with one big twist: while the star of The Bachelor was a regular guy who happened to be rich, the star of Joe Millionaire was a regular guy who happened to be regular, i.e. poor. He was also supposed to be hot, of course, but that was also a lie.

But last weekend, Joe Millionaire—whose real name is Evan Marriott—popped up at some industry event and, well, it turns out he's hot now.

Here is what Joe Millionaire looked like in 2003:

Hahaha. Many photos in history have aged better than this photo. This is the "hot" man of suburban mom dreams—burly and youngish, with chest hair crawling out of his ugly dress shirt. Joe Millionaire was the original Christian Grey. I mean, fine, if that's your thing. You probably mourn the unstoppable aging of Antonio Banderas. We all have our secrets.

Here is what Joe Millionaire looks like in 2015:

This is like, "I'm a dad but actually still cool" hot. "I'm gonna flirt with you while my 7-year-old son with shoulder-length hair skateboards" hot.

This beard really works for Joe Millionaire, is what I'm saying. He's hot now. Good for him.

[images via Getty]