Have you been paying attention to Jimmy Kimmel lately? I hope not! There are much better things going on. Anyway, let me update you on some Jimmy Kimmel news: you might want to fuck him now.

Recently, Jimmy Kimmel has appeared on his television show in a beard. This is how he looks now:

This is how he normally looks:

With the beard, Kimmel looks slightly haggard and kinda hot. Without the beard he looks like... Jimmy Kimmel.

Here are some intentionally dopey screenshots of Kimmel just to prove how strong of a look this beard is:

*Frank Underwood voice* BeardWorks. And to think, several people engaged in sex with Jimmy Kimmel before this moment.

Here is a comparison. Maybe it’s insane, but here it is:

Am I crazy? Or are you crazy?

The world is shifting beneath your feet:

Jamie, friend, it is not just you.

[Hamm, Kimmel/Saget images via Getty]

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