Canadian entertainer Jessica Paré and her husband, Asexuals member John Kastner, welcomed their first child together last week. They have named him Blues Anthony.

The Baby Name Critic was informed of this name on Saturday morning while she was sleeping off the effects of a particularly raucous Friday night that involved half of a tequila shot. Not a good situation. Before she could have her morning Diet Coke, the BNC was forced to reckon with numerous text messages that told her an infant had been given a pluralized color name. This intensified whatever was already brewing in her head.

Color names are bad enough. Do not name your child after a color. Colors divide us. Black and white. Red and green. Black and blue. White and gold. Violet Affleck. Further, do not name your child a color name that is also a musical genre, especially one that has its roots in the post-emancipation African-American communities of the Deep South. I cannot emphasize how bad of an idea this is. Especially if you are Canadian.

Maybe just name your child Anthony.

This has been Baby Name Critic.

Leah Finnegan is Gawker's Baby Name Critic.

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