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Actor Jessica Lange is very good at doing little to say a lot about her peers, and that, my friends, is shade. Take, for example, the time that she steamrolled over Lea Michele on a red carpet, visibly crushing Michele's heart in the process. Wasn't that fun? Lange was back up to her old tricks this week at Paleyfest when discussing her departure from American Horror Story and Lady Gaga's signing onto the series. Lange's showing makes it clear that we may be losing a key AHS player, but more importantly, we're gaining a Shade Supreme.

As Popdust points out, Lange was asked an audience-fielded question during a panel discussion: "Does Gaga convince you to stay for another season?" Here was Lange's immediate response:

"What does that mean? I don't understand the question," said Lange. To be fair, it is strangely worded.

Then Lange licked her lips because things were about to get juicy. She began, "No, you know, when, um..." She seemingly was going to tell an anecdote about Gaga signing on for the show, and then stopped herself and did a neck roll instead.

I want to luxuriate in her luxuriating in that moment for the rest of my life.

She ended her non-answer that is such an answer with a little melodic giggle. A masterwork.