Celebrities think that based on the recognizable-to-semi-recognizable nature of their faces, they can crash weddings whenever they want. This is false, Jeremy Renner.

Imagine it is your wedding day. You’ve found someone to spend the rest of your life with or divorce eventually or just cheat on and you are either happy or you feel like 1000 pounds of dirt are sitting on top of your chest. You breathe in and out. You turn around. Is that—huh. Is that that guy? Hmm. Is one of your cousins dating that guy from, ahh, uhhh—god, what do you know this guy from? Honeypsst, who is that guy?

That guy is Jeremy Renner, in this case. From TMZ:

The ‘Avengers’ star was in H-Town for Comicpalooza when he decided to cruise into the reception at the Regency Hotel, where he was staying over the weekend. Our spies tell us Jeremy was in classic crash form ... hitting up the open bar.

But we’re told he was actually kind of standoffish with most of the guests ... and even refused to take a pic with the bride and groom!

A real piece of work, this guy. What a shit.

The barely recognizable Renner told TMZ he stuck to the bar in order not to “steal the spotlight” from the newlyweds he refused to take a photograph with, but added “I did enjoy conversations with many of the guests for about 15 minutes and went off to enjoy the sights of Houston for the night.”

Uh. Please don’t sneak in any unasked for details about your night, Jeremy Renner. I DIDN’T ASK!


Image of Jeremy Renner pointing to where he should go (the door) via Getty. Contact the author at kelly.conaboy@gawker.com.