It's hard to imagine the life of a young, beautiful, well-liked, and successful celebrity. What do they do, go to restaurants? Eat dumplings? Ahh, I don't know.

Luckily, spies in cahoots with People were on hand at a restaurant in Boston where Jennifer Lawrence and a few friends ordered some items from the dinner menu. To set the scene:

The restaurant: Gourmet Dumpling House.
The neighborhood: Boston's Chinatown neighborhood.
The caliber of Chinese food, according to People: "Authentic."
Jennifer Lawrence's outfit, according to People: "Dark green cardigan sweater, jeans, glasses, and with her blond hair tied back."
Jennifer Lawrence's face:

Quick sketch of a "juicy" dumpling:

Among the items ordered from the menu, People lists "famous juicy dumplings, chicken fried rice, spring rolls, and a couple of beers." A pretty decent order, if uninspired and, I'm sure, relayed incompletely.

But was there a lot of talking at her table? A restaurant employee continues:

"There was a lot of talking [at her table]," said a restaurant employee, who added that the Oscar-winning actress declined to take pictures. "We weren't able to approach her too much."

Upon finishing dinner, Jennifer Lawrence reportedly exited the restaurant into a crowd of fans, the suffocating nature of which (one must imagine) both gave her the lifeblood for which the Hollywood narcissist within her thirsts and strengthened her desperate desire for just a moment's peace, ignited when everyone was asking for pictures before.

Now we know.

Image of Jennifer Lawrence pointing to a dumpling, I bet, via Getty. "Dumpling" art via Kelly Conaboy. Contact the author at