Just because someone else got married doesn't mean it's not Jennifer Aniston's day, too, you know.

Last night, she reunited with the Friends cast—in the Friends kitchen!—on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she purported not to know what fan fiction is and acted out Kimmel's sexy Ross fantasy. (With surprise appearances from our old Friends Monica and Phoebe!)

And in other news, Jennifer Aniston—lonely old hag who has only her talent, fame, so much money, multiple homes, and perfect skin and body to keep her warm—is maybe a murderer? She spoke to EntertainThis!, whatever that is, and sounded pretty suspicious!

“I would make a great criminal mastermind ... Because I plan things really well. And I’m crafty. I can throw surprise parties really well. I can mislead people. I’m good at steering people in a different direction.”

Hmm. My instinct is to say that she's a murderer and trying to throw everyone off the scent but suggesting that she is not yet a "great criminal mastermind," but would a great criminal mastermind make such a showy error?


[video via ABC]