It looks like Jennifer Aniston may be more fine than ever. TMZ reports the former Friends actor, who is fine, and her fiancé Justin Theroux, actor who played Carrie’s boyfriend on one episode of Sex and the City, have finally tied the knot.

According to TMZ, guests (guests like Howard Stern™, Chelsea Handler™, Sia™, Lisa Kudrow™, and John Krasinski™) were drawn to the couple’s Bel Air mansion under the impression that they were attending a birthday party in celebration of Theroux’s 44th year. Very sneaky. Instead, a wedding.

Surprise, it’s fine.

The couple didn’t fool the sneaky sleuths at TMZ, however. Those sneaky sleuths spotted the wedding cake earlier that day and had some suspicions:

It had TWO muppet-like characters — male and female — on the top. If it was just a birthday party for Justin ... why have 2 people on the cake?

Damn. Smart as hell.

You might remember Jennifer Aniston, who is fine, once told InStyle that we’d hear about her marriage from her and not “Bulls—t Times or Crapass Bulls—t Times Weekly”:

How’s this? ‘When I’m pregnant and married, I will let you know.’ Not a tabloid publication. Not Bulls—t Times or Crapass Bulls—t Times Weekly. They will not be telling you.”

We now know this to be a lie. “Why did she lie?” asks Gawker’s Jennifer Aniston correspondent Allie Jones. I don’t know, Allie. We reached out to Allie for further comment:

Perhaps she did not want people to find out about the Muppet cake—which was clearly Justin’s idea, haha, he’s so funny! Anyway, it sounds like she’s fine. Congratulations, Jen.


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