Jennifer Aniston—sad, old witch who has only her fame, beauty, talent, and money to keep warm the section of her finger where a wedding ring would go—and Justin Theroux have been engaged for nearly two years. Two years! Does that mean they have—deep breath—cold feet?

People asked that very question of Theroux at the premiere of his new HBO series The Leftovers, and the answer they found might surprise you. From People:

It sounds as if Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have the opposite of cold feet when it comes to marriage.

Before we get to his response, though, let's refresh our memories about Aniston's previous attempts at love. Our introduction to her troubled love life began when she entertained a fling with a man named Paolo whom she met during a blackout:

But, as we know, Jennifer Aniston was first truly burned by love when her boyfriend, Ross, was jealous of her commitment to her job and of her relationship with a coworker, Mark. (This is, obviously, not counting when Ms. Aniston left her fiancé, Barry, at the altar, since that was more him being burned by love than her.) Jennifer, frustrated with Ross's lack of trust, asked for a break from their relationship, which Ross misinterpreted. The misinterpretation led him to cheat on Jennifer with Chloe.

Although neither wanted to end the relationship, Ross's hookup put an unbearable strain on Jennifer's trust. Their relationship continued on an on again-off again basis, though it was forever plagued by lingering pain from Ross's misinterpretation.

Then there was something with Brad Pitt?

And now here we are: Justin Theroux, and the question of cold feet. Does the couple have cold feet? I'll send it back to People for Theroux's response:

"We have hot feet,—

Thank you.

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