No one watching Sunday night's Golden Globes wondered who did Jared Leto's hair because his greasy man bun / half pony style screamed DIY. But like most of Hollywood, Leto's low-key weird hair was only an illusion—an illusion brought to you by hair professionals and aged sea salt spray.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Chase Kusero, Leto's stylist for the awards show. Kusero, whose website notes that he's styled such hair greats as David Spade, Ozzy Osbourne, and Ron Livingston, was gracious enough to tackle THR's hard-hitting questions. When asked about the inspiration behind the style, Kusero noted, "I wanted to do something that was elegant that also said rock and roll, an 'I did it myself' kind of look."

The specifics of the bun were born out of a difficult dilemma. "We definitely didn't want him to end up looking too much like a woman," Kusero said. "It was tricky to think of him wearing his hair down with a tuxedo." Even trickier was making Leto look clean while rocking this particular style. Adds Kusero, "Jared's sleek, wet look is what distinguished between polished and not."

If you're a man with long hair who wants to avoid looking like a woman while also appearing polished, Leto's specific look can be attained with lots of money and time:

To achieve the natural vibe, Kusero boiled salt water, bottled it and let it sit for a day and a half before spraying it on Leto's hair for hold and texture. Then he misted him with Oribe Shine Spray ($38).

Or you could just not wash your hair and pull it back into a rubber band and achieve a similar look in 30 seconds.

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