It's so hard to know what to believe when it come to the love life of Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and founding member of the Pussy Posse. Is he dating a model? Is he dating multiple models? Or is he dating VIVA GLAM Rihanna™ model Rihanna while dating either one or multiple other models? According to the Daily Mail, not that last one.

The tabloid reports that recent gossip about Rihanna and Leo hanging out on Valentine's Day, hooking up, texting, etc., was false—or, more accurately, true only to a point. Instead of Leonardo DiCaprio, says the Daily Mail, Rihanna has been hooking up with his good friend: some nobody.

"Some nobody"—fine, that's not wholly true. Do you think a co-owner of 1OAK night club is somebody? Maybe you do. That's fine—you live your life, I'll live my life. His name is Richie Akiva and the two lovebirds reportedly met in St. Barth's over New Year's Eve.

Here he is:

"No, haha, not Leonardo DiCaprio. That one—yeah. In the hat? He has a necklace on, you'll see him."

At the very least, this explains why Leonardo DiCaprio was making out with a model at 1Oak in Los Angeles while Rihanna was sitting nearby at Richie Akiva's table. She's dating that guy!

0% model.

[images via Getty/me]