It costs $326,260 to air a 30-second commercial on The Big Bang Theory. Breaking it down further, that is $10,875.33 a second. To put that in perspective, the average American makes $52,100 a year, which is $25.04 an hour, 41 cents a minute, and less than a cent per second. The Big Bang Theory makes almost 2 million times more than you at any given moment.

AdWeek has released statistics of how much it costs to advertise on the dregs of American culture—network television—and they're terrifying. Outside of NFL football ad rates, The Big Bang Theory leads the pack, with The Voice and Modern Family at a close second and third, commanding $264,575 and $257,435 respectively for a 30 second spot. Fox earns $595,000 per spot during their NFC football airings, while NBC's Sunday Night Football takes in a whopping $570,000 per spot.

If you're looking for a steal, the cheapest buy is CW's The Carrie Diaries, at just $19,333 per commercial. The CW charges the lowest prices of all, seemingly in correlation with their viewership. On average, CBS is still the most expensive network, followed by ABC. A full breakdown of every show is available here.

Given that advertisers commit to their fall and winter ad buys early on in the year—each network hosts their Upfront presentation for advertisers in May—the gamble tends to be fairly high for advertisers. ABC's quickly cancelled Lucky 7 charged $86,355 per 30-second spot, while CBS' We Are Men commanded a whopping $99,520 despite only lasting two episodes.

If you've got a few extra hundred grand and a desire to sell your wares in between stale jokes and canned laughter, the 2014 Upfronts are coming up soon.

[Image via CBS]