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There's an important debate happening today on Rihanna Twitter: Does a video recently posted to Instagram show the Barbadian singer preparing to inhale a line of what is assuredly the finest Colombian white? Judge for yourself.

In the video—which was posted by one of Rihanna's friends, then deleted, but not before it was captured by one of Instagram's several third-party re-posting apps—you can clearly see Rihanna holding a rolled up white... something.

A makeshift straw for coke? A massive joint? Who's to say.

Later in the video, Rihanna can be seen holding her nose for several seconds. Post-coke ritual? Hiccups? Will the truth ever be known?

In any event, doing drugs with Rihanna looks pretty fun.

UPDATE (3:20 p.m.) Rihanna's response "#petty":

[video via @fly.xhuksta]