Katy Perry has registered a new song with her music publisher, BMI, and it is entitled “1984.” Could this be her rumored answer to Taylor Swift’s instant classic diss track, “Bad Blood,” perhaps written with their mutual ex, racist-dick-owner John Mayer? Hmm!

“1984.” A clue? Katy Perry was born in 1984. Her former bestie/mortal enemy, Taylor, named her latest album after her own birth-year, 1989. Coincidence? Shade? Imitation: the sincerest and creepiest expression of wanting to murder a rival and wear her skin to an award show? Perhaps, perhaps.

Mayer’s name doesn’t appear in the credits alongside those of “1984” songwriters Dallas Austin, Andreas Carlsson (who co-wrote “Waking Up in Vegas”) and Tokio Nazarene. Maybe he helped write it on the downlow, feeding Katy details about Taylor from their brief, failed relationship in 2010? The people who make things up for HollywoodLife would like this delicious rumor to be true.

Alternate theory, though, Occam’s Razor-style: What if Katy Perry has written a magnum opus about our modern, Orwellian life under surveillance, inspired by the novel 1984 and the chilling revelations of ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden? War Is Peace. Ignorance Is Strength. That sort of thing.

Just think about it. She’s completely capable, based on her past oeuvre. And knowing that she’s got the “Waking Up in Vegas” team behind her, does any other explanation even make sense? No. That has to be it.

[h/t HollywoodLife, Photo: Getty Images]