Here is this week's Gawker Review of Pools prompt: do the residents make the pool, or does the pool make the residents?

This week Iggy Azalea and her basketball player boyfriend Nick Young bought the above pool for $3.45 million. It is expansive but nondescript. It has a nifty little lounge area with partially submerged reclining chairs, and the hot tub appears as if it could fit a whole party of people. But there are probably a thousand better residential pools in Los Angeles, and I think that estimation is extremely conservative.

Judging only by their pool, you might conclude that Iggy Azalea and Nick Young are themselves boring, and only notable for merely existing. Such an assessment would be incorrect. Young is one of the most charismatic players in the NBA—last year he singlehandedly made one of the worst Lakers teams ever strangely compelling by doing things like nonchalantly celebrating a three-pointer as it ricocheted off the rim. Iggy, on the other hand, is not exactly a good rapper, but she is at least a pop culture lightning rod, and as a couple they have each other's backs in a way that is very sweet. They also look good as models.

They are a definitive couple of 2014, a moment in time, and they—we—deserve better than a pool this dull. Here it is from a different angle:

Aside from the pool being purely cookie cutter in shape, the stone to pool ratio of this backyard is way out of wack. Given an ample canvass, this pool's designer drew a stick figure and called it a day.

But we must also consider that Iggy Azalea and Nick Young, a young and fun couple, will elevate their pool, instead of having their pool drag them down. The gravitational force of one's pool is a complicated question, but let's consider the history of this pool.

This pool's most recent owner was Selena Gomez. It likely played at least a supporting role in the feud between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom, which culminated in a near-fistfight in an Italian restaurant in Ibiza, with Leonardo DiCaprio cheering on. This mere connection to one of the great celebrity rivalries in years suggests that a pool's owners can help it overcome its blandness.

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young have their work cut out for them.

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