Ron Burgundy may have lost his job to Veronica Corningstone in the upcoming Anchorman 2, but hot damn if he can't sell some crappy cars.

A report from AdAge shows that last month's release of a slew of Dodge Durango commercials starring Will Ferrell as the blustering news anchor trying to hawk Dodge's revamped SUVs actually worked. Dodge rolled out nine of the 70 (yes, 70) Funny or Die-produced commercials over the last month—with multiple racking up well over a million views. Sales quickly rose, showing a 59% increase in October alone, selling 5,129 Durangos in the moth, and 50% for the entire year.

While it may not help him save his new job at the Global News Network, it's good to know that San Diego's favorite accidental misogynist has a good fallback career when it comes time to shoot the public access station commercials for Anchorman 3: The Ron Burgundy Used Car Dealerships.