How old is Lorde? Perhaps no question in recent history has so perplexed mankind. Lorde says she was born in November of 1996 (CE)—a claim that appears to be supported by her quote unquote “birth certificate.” In a recent interview with Lena Dunham, however, the New Zealand-born singer might have accidentally let the truth slip out once and for all.

Here is Lorde speaking about her mother:

Lorde: Oh yeah. My mum is such a big influence on all aspects of my life – as a child of immigrants who escaped the First World War, she’s the strongest person I have come across in my entire life.

Let’s reflect on some facts about this statement:

  • The last living veteran of WWI died in 2010 at the age of 110
  • Lorde’s maternal grandparents, according to the singer, escaped (from Dalmatia) during World War I
  • Lorde’s mother was born in 1965, having celebrated her 50th birthday this past March

If Lorde’s grandmother escaped World War I at its earliest point, in 1914, at the age of zero, that means she would have given birth to Lorde’s mother, in 1965, at the age of... 51. Impossible? Certainly not. Unlikely? Well, who’s to say, exactly.

What does this all mean? Did Lorde’s grandparents truly flee their home country during World War I? Was Lorde’s grandmother 51 when she gave birth to her mother? Does Lorde remember things about WWI she has yet to reveal to us?

Where did the generations go? Did Lorde really mean World War II? Will Lorde’s next interview be an AARP cover story?

How much did a chocolate bar cost when Lorde first turned 30? A nickel? A buffalo nickel?

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