What do you do when you're two of the hottest show creators working in television and your banner show is drawing to a close? Panic that you'll never create anything nearly as brilliant and beloved again? Sit back and rest in your jacuzzi filled not with tepid frothy water, but piles of sweet syndication money? Make another hit show about PhD-chasing nerds and their hot neighbor? All great options! Or you could just go the Carter Bays-Craig Thomas route, and just make the same show all over again.

Bays and Thomas are in the midst of currently wrapping up the ninth and final season of their CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, arguably (at one point, at least) one of the most innovative network comedies in recent history. Despite reaching the uppermost echelon of the comedy writing ranks and having a carte blanche to make almost anything they want, the pair have inexplicably decided that their next show will be How I Met Your Dad. Apparently in almost a decade, Bays and Thomas couldn't find a single fresh idea to justify the millions they're paid by their studio to come up with new show ideas.

The pilot has already been written by the writing partners, along with writer Emily Spivey, who created Up All Night for NBC. Per a press release that served as the announcement this afternoon, CBS just gave the 20th Century Fox-produced script a pilot production commitment. While production commitments can sometimes be abandoned by networks for other pilot scripts that are stronger come January, its unlikely that CBS will walk away from the pittance needed to shoot a pilot from their homegrown duo.

According to the network, the premise of the show will be a "kindred spirit of How I Met Your Mother, telling the story from a female point of view." Rather than give Cristin Milioti her own new series, along with the story of how she ended up stuck with sad sack Ted Mosby, the show will focus on a new group of friends, but rely on the same premise as the old show.

You know the bored looks on the faces of the two teenagers at the start of each episode of How I Met Your Mother? Get ready to plaster those on to your face immediately—especially when this idiotic show ostensibly ends up paired with Chuck Lorre's next pandering to the common denominator piece of crap on CBS.