“How can Will Smith work alongside Jared Leto for six months without ever meeting Jared Leto?” It’s a classic riddle—one which has teased the brains of newborn and elderly alike for eons. “A river,” you guess, like an idiot. “A coffin,” you guess, like another idiot. “The surgeon is his mother.” No.

Will Smith revealed the answer to this puzzle in a recent interview with Beats 1, and you’re gonna feel so fuckin’ dumb that you didn’t guess it, excuse the curse.

I’ll let Big Will set it up:

I’ve never actually met Jared Leto. We worked together for 6 months and we’ve never exchanged a word outside of “Action!” and “Cut!” I literally have not met him yet. So, the first time I see him will be “Hey, Jared. What’s up?”

Hmm. Something to do with the number six, maybe? Is there a clue in the words “first time” and “sees”? Huh? Are these things clues? Maybe something about “action” and “cut”? He had to cut the action on six—ah, you give up. What’s the answer?

He was all in on the Joker.

Daaaaaamn! “He was all in on the Joker.” Of course the answer is “he was all in on the Joker.” Ugh. You shoulda guessed.

Maybe if I’d given you another minute.

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