Trust—it’s a hard thing to earn, but damn if it’s not an easy thing to lose. No one knows this better than Bradley Cooper, an outrageous Hollywood liar who once claimed to have “worked for most of” his life as a cook.

As you remember, in Details magazine’s September cover story Bradley Cooper claimed he had “worked for most of” his life as a cook, while, in the same profile, telling us he spent at most (at MOST) four years as a prep cook. Oh, yeah? Most of your life, Bradley Cooper? Four years is most of your life?

Bradley Cooper?

Four years?

Most of your life?

An outrageous lie.

Now look at this. Allegedly, Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, two chefs from a movie, “cooked food” “between takes” while “on set” of their chef movie. Uh-huh. From Page Six:

“They joked that craft services on set were awful, so they pitched in and cooked food in between takes,” said a spy at an LA premiere on Wednesday.

According to “a spy.” Yeah right. “A spy” named—BRADLEY COOPER?


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