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As long as we've got Kirk Cameron, the holiest moron on Facebook, we've got the world spinning right in our hands. And that world is crazy as fuck, spinning out of control, and someone please stop him from making videos and posting them online.

Cameron spent Tuesday telling women the importance of keeping house this Christmas, but on Thursday afternoon he made clear that he's not the raging sexist he appears to be. He's actually just a nice guy who thinks all men should give their wives an awesome foot massage.

Round two of Cameron vs. women starts with this call to Men, husbands, and fathers! (And, because it's Kirk Cameron, it includes an order for women too.)

And then the video begins. It includes good advice for manly men around the holidays, especially those manly men who are too busy feeling blessed to do the dishes:

Men. Fathers. Husbands. Sons. Our example in our family's life is so important at Christmastime. So be all in this year. Don't be a Bah Humbug. Support the women in your life. Put up the lights, prepare the house, and realize how blessed you are. Remember, Jesus came to serve. And so should you and I. Oh, and you know what the really manly thing to do this Christmas is? How about the dishes?! Or give your wife a good foot massage. That would be awesome! Because I'm thinking, she deserves it. And you know what another amazing thing you could do is? Take your whole family and see Saving Christmas this weekend. That would be awesome. You got this!

Ladies, please send this one along to the amazing men in your life. After you're done cooking. ;) You got this!