Did Chris Martin hit a paparazzo with his jeep, or did a paparazzo hit Chris Martin's jeep with his body? Ah, we may never know. —Or will we?

TMZ reports last night, as Chris Martin left Giorgio Baldi Restaurant in Santa Monica with his former wife Gwyneth Paltrow and their two children (Pine Nut and Breeze), a photographer ran up to his jeep to take a photo and was struck. Oh my god. Did Chris Martin hit a photographer who deserved it with his Jeep?

TMZ says not so fast:

Here's the weird thing. The photog who took pics of the accident was standing across the street. It's unclear why a cameraman would be so far away, because there was a clear shot of the family from the restaurant side ... right on the sidewalk. In fact, 3 other photogs were perched right there.

Hmm. Was the photographer standing across the street in order to get a good picture of Chris Martin "hitting" the other photographer with his Jeep? Or was he standing across the street in order to give the family a little bit of distance JK, TMZ is almost certainly right, it was probably the first thing. Also:

Also, he and the guy who allegedly got hit have worked together.

Being a celebrity seems perfect, as does being a paparazzo. However, as far as @CherryHillJeep is concerned:

[image via Splash]